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November 18, 2012 American Foods , ,

Red Velvet Cake

Let me introduce my favorite cake, the Red Velvet. Although famous already in the last century, it is ever growing more popular worldwide, known for it’s brilliant red color and it’s rich frosting. The redness is due to food coloring, and the cake contents are cocoa. However, it’s really sweet at all, just very rich. You can get this and its cupcake variation in nearly all trendy dessert houses in North America. Sadly it hasn’t made its way to mainstream Germany yet, but luckily there are countless recipes online.

Absolutely irresistible

Gilt Taste wrote an extremely informative article over the history of this cake. As for the recipe, I recommend Joy of Baking (the cupcakes pictured on this blog title were made with this recipe).

Why is it my favorite cake? I admit it, a lot to do with it is the hype and the name. And the color of red and white is beautiful, I find. So maybe it’s 50% the taste and 50% the appeal…

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