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January 2, 2013 German Foods ,

Kartoffelpuffer – one of its kind

Here to kindly write about one of his favorite dishes is CaptainG! He cooked a batch just this last Christmas and we were very full and happy afterwards. Thanks very much for this contribution!

“Evolving through the ages the Kartoffelpuffer came to be known by many names in many different cultures — to some it is the Reiberdatschi or Reibekuchen (parts of Germany). To others it is the Gromperekichelchen (Luxembourg), Deruny (Ukraine), Draniki (Austria; Russia; Belarus) or potato pancake (US, UK). It can also be compared to hash browns (UK, US) or Rösti (Switzerland) with added eggs and flour. In Belarus it even is the national dish.

“The one I am describing here though is a particular one due to its effects.

The Kartoffelpuffer

The Kartoffelpuffer

“So what do you need? First and foremost it is the secret ingredient — you already know what it is. In addition you need onions, eggs and flour.

“Use everything in equal ratio (the main ingredient measured in kg, flour measured in teaspoons). So if you use 2.0 kg of the main ingredient, you want to use 2 onions, 2 eggs and 2 tablespoons of flour. Hash the main ingredient and mix everything else in. If you really want to celebrate the day 2.0 kg per nose is a good start.

“The real secret is in the frying part. It seems easy, but to get a really good Kartoffelpuffer…it takes some skill. You will notice that the later ones are far better than the first few.

“Kartoffelpuffer are best served with apple purée on top.

“As to the effects of the Kartoffelpuffer mentioned above…eat and enjoy! For me personally the Kartoffelpuffer is more than a dish…it is a tradition.”

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