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September 23, 2012 American Foods , ,


Let’s be honest. I am totally obsessed with unhealthy American snack food.

A visiting colleague from Canada brings an awesome present to the office…

Or, to be more specific, I’m fascinated by how food marketing works on kids, as it worked for me when I was in elementary school. At some point, all the kids were bringing Pop-Tarts for lunch, and it was cool to eat it cold. I thought it was disgusting. But fast-forward twenty-something years later and my inner kid wants Pop-Tarts.

Pop-Tarts have been sold in America since the sixties, with dozens upon dozens of different flavours and toppings, including sports team editions with logos printed on the frosting, and seasonal specials such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each about 200-300 calories of sugar and processed food and flavours. It costs nowadays from $2-3 for a box of 8, each one packaged in foil. You are supposed to put it in the toaster or microwave for about 10 seconds to warm it up.

This craving started while I was in Germany. I’m not exactly sure at what point but I started to ask visiting friends from Canada and USA to bring me boxes of Pop-Tarts. The Pop-Tarts website is a marvel. Colors and fun fonts. Who wouldn’t want a piece?!

Needless to say it’s not what anyone, least of all adults, should eat on a regular basis. It doesn’t even actually taste that great (especially the ones without frosting; they taste like cardboard). But somehow, I’m a total sucker for their marketing (I am even subscribed on their Facebook). Good job, Kelloggs, well played.

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