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October 7, 2012 Chinese Foods , ,

Haw Flakes (山楂餅)

Any person who has parent(s) from Hong Kong will have eaten this snack in their childhood.

Essential part of every childhood

What are haw flakes? They are candy made from the Chinese hawthorn plant, circularly shaped and cut into 1mm thick slices. They are packaged with inexpensive paper in a tubular design which is clearly distinctive and recognizable. Opening a tube is like opening a bag of new coins! The taste is sweet (since its other main ingredient is sugar), and fresh haw flakes tend to be slightly chewy. Sometimes the bottom slice sticks to the paper and unfortunately then you’ll have to discard it or eat the paper itself!

You can buy these candies in any Chinese food store. In a time where new snack foods are invented around the clock, it’s refreshing to try something with a recipe that hasn’t been changed for decades!

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