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November 10, 2012 Austrian Foods ,

Haydntorte (Haydn Cake)

I think it’s always interesting to have culinary inspirations based on celebrities. Not only is it a great marketing ploy but it’s a chance to see what characteristics and pieces of history have been pulled out of the person and transformed into an edible form. When I was visiting a friend in Vienna, we went on a day trip to Eisenstadt, which is a city in Austria along the Hungarian border. The city there is famous for the Esterházy Palace, the home of the line of Hungarian princes that began from the Middle Ages that continue to present day.

Esterhazy Palace

The palace from the outside

Inside the palace

The family is notably famous for having employed the composer Franz Joseph Haydn from the 1760s until his death in 1802. I’m sure you know that Haydn is one of the superstars of the Classical period, equal to that of Mozart.

So Eisenstadt today has an ode to Haydn in the form of a cake, created by Konditori Arnberger. A cake with layers of cherry spread, marzipan, and chocolate. The reason for cherries is the account that Haydn as a child was rewarded with cherries when the choirmaster of St. Stephen’s in Vienna heard him sing.

Ode to Haydn

Ok, so what did I think of it? TOO SWEET!

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