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Saturday, September 20th, 2008

This post is being written a week later, so it won’t go into much detail.

I flew from Calgary in the early morning. I had placed heavy distrust of Air Canada, and expected the luggage to get lost right from Calgary to Vancouver, especially because the Air Canada computers apparently all broke down during the check-in and boarding.

At arrival to Vancouver, I had to wait 4 hours until the next flight. I had a coffee and wasted the hours by staring out the window.

The flight from Vancouver and Tokyo kind of sucked. There was a nice-enough couple sitting next to me, on their way to Beijing. I played the DS, not managing to sleep.

In Tokyo, I had to wait 5 hours until the flight to Fukuoka. That was really terrible. I tried to sleep, as many people were doing, but couldn’t. I phoned the dormitory, Cour de Reve (or Cool Reve), to tell them I would be coming by at 11pm. I had written the entire conversation down, even including panic options such as “sorry, there was the typhoon…” or “oh, you weren’t expecting me??”, but thankfully I didn’t have to use them.

The flight from Fukuoka to Tokyo was endured with zombie-like awareness. I think I sort-of slept through the 2 hour flight. There were a lot of non-Japanese on the flight, and some really annoying teenage girls. “OHMYGAWD THE TOILET IS A BIDET OHMYGAWD” Guahughuhhh…

Arrived in Fukuoka without incident. Thankful my luggage arrived! The taxi was conveniently a few steps away from baggage pickup.

The dorm is apparently a hard place to find. The taxi driver phoned the dorm to get instructions. After about 20 minutes, I arrived! The dorm manager was standing on the street waiting for me…

The couple who manage the dorm are such nice people. They helped me get the luggage upstairs and clearly explained the rules to me. And got my internet hooked up!!! Again, really nice people. I understand why people going to GenkiJACS rate this dorm as one of the friendliest places to stay.

The room is about 5mx2.5m, really small. But it’s workable, and I have my own private bathroom. It came with beddings with sheets that can be changed weekly, which was a relief. Also a desk, mini-fridge, balconey and shelves.