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感謝 (Gratitude)

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Like as said in the previous post, none of us managed to make it to the gym today. But thanks to some super-last-minute phone calls and facebook, A, N, other American (who finished this week), British guy (he is now Br), new German girl, and I managed to meet after noon in Tenjin.

Before I go any further I will share my embarrassing story. The dorm lady phoned me earlier and told me to bring the futon down to exchange the summer one to winter one. So I tear out the sheets from the mattress and run downstairs with the mattress (I was already running late because A and N were waiting for me). When I arrived at the lobby everyone laughed at me :( It turns out that a futon is not a mattress but the BLANKET! But… but… haven’t I been told since way back when what a mattress is? :( So.. back up I went with the mattress and blankets… all defeated…

So back to Tenjin. We ate at the ice cream place AGAIN. It’s getting pretty ridiculous. I think me, A and Br are getting sick of it. I seriously need to take a break from the ice cream! But while we were in Tenjin, everyone nicely followed me around while I bought some wine and cake for the party later in the evening.

Well, it wasn’t that much later. I left the group at 4pm to meet Mixi friend’s friend, who would pick me up and show me the way to the apartment. Previously, my friend described her and gave me all her friend’s contact information but I was in such a hurry this morning I forgot to bring it. Luckily, at 4pm, the friend was pacing around holding a ‘CLARICE’ sign like at the airport XD

My friend lives in the northern part of the city. I’ve never been there before. While riding the bus, I finally got to see the sea! I was pretty happy. When we went to the apartment, everyone was already there. There were 8 people in total, one guy and the rest females, Most were at least 10 years older than me.

I was afraid that no one would talk to me once they saw how bad my conversing skills are but everyone was sooo nice. My friend made a ton of food in advance which was very tasty. Everyone seems to be co-workers or associated by other people. They were very gentle- they explained to me sometimes what they were talking about and kept asking me questions. Actually, I’ve never been to a get-together where the conversation was so equalized - there was no one person dominating everything and even if one person talked more than the other, they would try to get everyone engaged.

For some reason, a lot of what I said seemed to greatly amuse them. I can’t tell if they are laughing forcefully or if it’s real ahaaaha. Because i’m pretty sure nothing I said had humorous intent.  My friend told everyone I wanted to try going to a goukon (dating party) and everyone got excited to set one up hahahaaha. I think they want to set me up too hahaha.
On the whole, I am really thankful my friend invited me (hey, it’s thanksgiving weekend isn’t it?)

I left at around 10 and they sent me off with a box of leftover dessert. My friend told the bus driver that I was a foreigner and to drop me off at the Tenjin postoffice. I was the only one on the bus. I forgot to tag a ticket (you need to do that in Fukuoka so they can give you proper change when you pay the driver after the ride). Ahhh I didn’t have any change either, so I paid 500 yen for the trip when it should’ve been 340. The driver was sooo nice. He stopped the bus (making other people mad) and spent five minutes writing me back a refund ticket. I felt so bad (because I have no idea how to cash it in either).

Some people phoned me while I was in the party. I met up with A and some other people (Br, German girl, G3 was even there) at a yatei near the station. We wandered around the park nearby (a bunch of teenagers were playing music.. this must be the mini-Harajuku) and we listened for a while. Some cute guys :) Then we went home (on the last train).

Just a Tad Zombied

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

It’s 4 am but I might as well write this entry before I black out on the bed!

I ate breakfast with G in the cafeteria today. He’s a good person to talk to because he can always avoid awkward silences (which tend to happen around me quite often).  With our dorm, they provide breakfast (500 yen) and dinner (700) if you choose to pay with it. I’ve only been having breakfasts. They usually consist of a bowl of rice, then miso soup, a fish dish, and a vegetable dish.  It’s a little expensive for what you get but no complaints! The healthier it is (the blander) the better.  We were talking about music for a while.. he used to play cello! Apparently Germany funds music lessons for children. University is also heavily funded… it’s unbelievable! They don’t pay a tenth of what Canadians have to pay.
I went to school with A and N.  Class was again, the usual. Since our school schedule changes every week, with different teachers every day, and to different students, the teachers knows.

–few hours later (i fell asleep while i was typing)–

Anyway, most of the teachers know I’m here to study for the proficiency test. I like how they like to test me during grammar/conversation class on kanji and vocabulary even with other students there.
Next week I have classes that start earlier in the day… thank goodness!!
After class there was some sort of dilemma among the students (who all crowded in the lounge) about what to do for the evening.  A bunch of students are leaving this week so it was a sort of hard decision. There was one group who wanted to go to all-you-can-eat yakitori and then clubbing, one who was undecided but wanted to go to the arcade, and then the German group who had their own goodbye party.

I decided to join the German group (it was a hard decision). It was probably because the average age was higher than the others :P So there was G, G2, and G3 (hahaha it’s so stupid how I’m doing names). G is the one I had breakfast with. G2 is the hilarious karaoke guy. G3 is the one who originally planned this outing (it’s his last day so he wanted to meet up with some Japanese friends as well). G3 is a laser physicist by the way! N also came with us.

We went to Tenjin to meet up with the Japanese people. There was a man and two women; they were quite friendly. They are all studying German… so communication the whole night was some strange mix of German, Japanese and English. First we went to the Mitsukoshi department store because they are having a Hokkaido fair. Vendors from Hokkaido bring a ton of stuff (mostly food) to sell. We walked around for maybe 15 minutes to sample stuff. Omggg everything was sooo good. The lines were huge! Everything we tried was super creamy, as Hokkaido is famous for milk products. We tasted potato/pork dumplings, ice cream made from sea drift ice, super creamy corn and pumpkin soup… But my favorite was definitely the cheesecake!! It is shaped as a wheel of cheese and it was absolutely the fluffiest and creamist cheesecake I ever had… I might go back and buy it… After, we went to the Izakaya that I went to a few weeks ago with the bigger student group. We ended up ordering and sharing stuff again, but thankfully no nomihodai!!

I sat at the end of the table across from G and G2. They are sooo hilarious, it was great. G2 should be some sort of comedian. He’s very good at making fun of people and doing impressions. They were teaching me German phrases and things about Germany and kept making fun of Americans.

After dinner we ran into the yakitori/clubbing group outside. The American in my class told me they would be clubbing past midnight and girls get in free (but the other guys in our group didn’t want to pay the 1300 yen cover) and then we parted again.

We went to the arcade (but didn’t run into the third group). The entertainment center has a billion things but I only saw the ground UFO catcher place and the bowling alley (a quadrant of the building is dedicated to bowling… I think there were 5 floors of bowling). I think there is also karaoke and sports games (darts, etc) somewhere else in the building.

I actually didn’t go bowling because I thought I couldn’t having come not wearing socks (but later I saw you could rent them for 50 yen). Everyone played two games of bowling. I thought it was funny how there was a video on how to bowl in the reception, and how there are instruction signs on how to behave during a game at the bowling tables. G2 let me play a round (he gave me his shoes to try and I think half the show was empty space because they were so big hahaha) and I got a strike! :D Woot! Wanting to keep that, I said no when the other guys said I could bowl a turn for them hahahaha.

By the time we finished, the last train already went (it’s at around 11:45 which is a bit weird since Fukuoka is a pretty big city). When we went back to the lobby to return the stuff, a lot of other Japanese people in the game center were already smashed (like… completely smashed). There were many salarymen and office workers hanging out (all smelling of alchohol). Really… weird… So many drunk people wandering the streets at the same time…

The bowling people gave us a free ticket each for a UFO catcher game. The guys told me to go for the one at the edge and gave me instructions (which I completely messed up) but the thing actually fell hahahaha. So now I have a small stuffed Stitch keychain hanging off my school bag :P

G and G3 then led us to a SUPER small bar (I don’t think I can find it again if I wanted to) which was super colorful and decorated with a million cute things. I think the max occupation is like… 20 people. There was a completely drunk guy who they had to drag out of the toilet. G2 kept telling me how many Japanese don’t know how to drink (he says they will drink many types of alchohol without any order, drink as fast as they can too early - seriously soo many people were wasted on the streets). There were also so pretttyyyy drunk guys at the bar counter… well, at least they were super happy hahaha.

These ‘comedians’ came for a 15 minute show out of nowhere. It was weird. All the Japanese were laughing as soon as the comedians walked in. They were doing stuff with props and stuff but I had no idea why everyone was laughing (it can’t be solely due to alchohol can it?). The comedians were really surprised there were gaijin there but one of them could speak pretty good English (hahahh when they were almost done he turned to us and said ’so sorry’) I think I heard them say they are on local TV too… but wow… they were not funny?? XD

I think I drank 2800 yen’s worth but for some reason I ended up paying only 1000 yen… I’m not sure what happened? Or if one of the guys paid a part for everyone.
Afterwards, N and I grabbed at taxi to go back home (4 am). G and G2 went back to the school to get their bicycles to go home and G3 stayed with his friends to wait out for the next day’s train (5 am). I was really surprised at how many shops and restaurants were still open in town.

Awww I had such a great Friday night. It’s really too bad how the flow of students in and out of the school is so flexible here. I meet people every week whom I’m sure I can be great friends with but before you know it, they are gone. But the good thing is, that you never stop meeting new people and every day is something new. G and G3 are gone by next week but hopefully we can still go to karaoke with G2 hahahaa (it is soo funny)
Ok… so N and I decided (for good reason) to skip the gym today and relax… but I better shower now because I’ve been invited to the party one of my Mixi friends is holding for me tonight^^


Friday, October 10th, 2008

This morning I saw a girl doing her nails on the train. She was applying nail polish on her long, heavily decorated nails. I haven’t seen as many decorated nails in Fukuoka as I see in Tokyo, but they do appear time to time. Anyway, I’m pretty sure doing nails is a no-no…

But before that, I have an announcement: my laundry was finished without incident today!!! YAY!!!

Another off-topic point is that there seems to be many churches in Fukuoka. I think I pass by four or five on the way to school (including the train ride). There is a sizable one maybe two blocks from school which is also a seminary, I think; many nuns go in and out there every day.

Morning class was okay. I had a coffee again for lunch. The Starbucks close to school always has at least one foreigner each time I go (well, obviously not including me). Starbucks stores in Fukuoka are usually twice the size as the big ones in Calgary. But their service seems a bit slower. It may be that most people don’t order non-fat here. Starbucks in Japan still makes drinks using homogenized milk.

Afternoon class was okay too, albiet slow.

Yesterday, German guy asked me if I liked karaoke. He said he was having trouble finding people to go. HAHAHA.
So obviously, that’s what we did for the evening. There were 4 Germans, N, Au, an American, the British guy, and me.
We went to eat Hakata ramen first. I keep forgetting the name… blah… Ippudou?? The one I’ve been to before with the British engineering student :P

We visited a karaoke bar I hadn’t been to yet. We did another nomihoudai (all-you-can-drink). Gah it’s so unhealthy. How can Japanese business men do it all the time??? Well, none of us got drunk, but I think most people were karaoke-maniacal. Hahaha!!! The Germans were sooo awesome!!! This one guy.. hahaha he was soo good and funny… I think he must’ve been trained. The best parts were when the Germans all picked a German song and that resulted in them sitting all together and shouting out the lyrics. I found more songs that I always wanted to sing in karaoke!! They had a bunch of Record of Lodess songs. I sang Kiseki no Umi. I also sang a Mink song^^ (basically all the songs I sing to myself in my car). They even have songs from a few BL games XDD

But oh man…. it was 4000 yen per person afterwards. OUCHHHH :(

Not-too Exciting Day

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

It`s actually the next day but I might as well write about yesterday. This japanese keyboard at school is weirdddddd

So this day was rather usual with nothing that exciting. for lunch i went to sushi with the german guy in my dorm (did i talk about him?) i`m too lazy to check. he`s the mathematics grad student. he is on holidays but he works on equations every day. i see him in the mornings in the dorm cafeteria scribbling down equations. oh now i remember, i did mention him before.

after class i met with the canadian guy who i had to help return a cellphone to the softbank company. he is from toronto and works at RIM. but he is in marketing hahaha. anyway, we went to two softbank locations and it seemed like they didn`t want to deal with foreigners … they kept forwarding us to other stores. so yeah i wasn`t any help at all. the guy decided to go back to school and ask the teachers.

in the meantime, N and G(german guy) and I went to the gym. i was able to get in an hour`s workout. i tried the body fat meter but i think it`s really wrong… it says my fat is low but that`s not what the mirror`s telling me!!!!

afterwards N and I went back to the dorm. it was pretty late by then. we went to the usual cheap udon place. my goal is to eat every item mEnu before i leave hahaha.. so yesterday was BOriNg wakame udon. i bought a taiyaki too and the rest of the night was studying.

Coffee Day

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

This morning Au didn’t wasn’t in the lobby so A and N and I went to school by ourselves. Again, I studied for 2 hours before my exam prep lesson. Today was another different teacher. I’ve had her in other classes. She is pretty new to the school. I think she’s a much better teacher one-on-one. She doesn’t speak English much so I saw her prepared notes for me so I felt quite happy she prepared for me. I told her I was concerned with the short amount of time on this course and she told me to ask another teacher.

For lunch I went to Starbucks to grab a coffee. Did you know that a tall-non-fat latte has 10 more calories than in Canada? Aha. I have no life :P Oh yeah, if you ever want a nonfat drink in Japan, say 無脂肪 (mu-shibou). A cafe latte is called ‘Starbucks Latte’ and they will always ask if you want it cold or hot.

Afternoon classes was meh again. I was able to talk to the exam teacher coordinator but she said she cannot change the schedule because all the teachers are too busy to make extra study hours for me. Then she went to talk to some other teachers. I have no idea what they were talking about… they came back and told me something about tomorrow teaching me about exam techniques but uhh that’s not what I wanted??? I’m so confused hahaha.. I guess I’ll see tomorrow. I’M SCREWED FOR THIS EXAM!!!

After classes were over at 5.30, I waited in front of school to meet a new Mixi friend. My… fourth one? :D She is around the same age as me. She came promptly and we headed off to Starbucks. She treated me to coffee too, and said she was really nervous (although her English is really good). Actually we spoke mostly in Japanese. She’s a really nice person!!! And she talked slow for me, I think, which was really nice. And when I got majorly stuck I could then switch to English for a sentence or two. We talked about many things, like relationships, economy, elections, our jobs… The two hours passed quite quickly! I hope we can meet again.

I went back to Ijiri and walked to the 24-hour supermarket. I’ve been going there pretty much every day now.. hahaha… Well I bought leftover sushi and a mochi (which is what I really wanted haha). The sushi pack was 40% off so it was around 320 yen. I think every hour they take another 10 percent off haha.. so I should go there at midnight next time hahaha..

As I am typing I am finishing the last of my mochi… and now it’s time to study!

New Week

Monday, October 6th, 2008

I woke up early today so I could go to school and study, despite the fact that my class starts at 11.30. We (A, N, and Austrian girl… she’ll be Au) arrived at school 9.15. Wowww there were so many people starting this week.. 10, if I’m not mistaken. None are under 18, actually most are over 30. But no one new came to my level.

So I studied for a while until my lesson. Then it was proficiency exam class. We hardly get anything done in an hour T_T I keep not knowing the vocabulary so each question takes around 5 minutes. I really need to catch up with kanji and vocabulary. Today I actually ordered the study book for vocab from the school, but even that doesn’t cover all 6000+ words.

For lunch, I decided to try this seaweed salad from ampm. It was gross, but I suppose the healthiest thing they have. Too much seaweed just tastes… super planty and sea-watery. :P I gave my onigiri to N, who was in huge pain after jijitsu on Saturday (he later went to the doctor and found he had a broken ligament).

Afternoon class was actually good! A German student is now in our class (though this is his last week). He wasn’t here previously because he went to Tokyo the week I came. But he is a Ph.D mathematics student studying… err…impartial integration proofs? Err.. haha.. he was explaining it to me and I recognized terms but… (”Oh yeah? Maxwell’s equation? I see!”) I don’t think I even want to start understanding.

Anyway, both grammar and conversation teachers were good; I never seen either one. The grammar teacher is one that only comes every Monday because he also works in other language schools. I liked him! He was rather scary, I think that’s why. He kept making us talk and explain and every time he erased the board he would ask us what he just erased. I liked how he kept drilling us, instead of letting it go. And he wasn’t forgiving if anyone of us said any English. I wish more teachers were strict like that..

After school we (A, the only remaining British guy, Au, German guy, me) went to eat ramen. It wasn’t ramen in the end. It was dan-dan-mein. I ordered a super-fat-filled cheese dan-dan-mein in white sesame (because it was the only one I could read off the kanji menu). After, we went to a bar filled with salarymen. We didn’t stay very long. Me and Au didn’t have anything.

To appease us, we ended up at the giant ice cream place again. Because we had one more person, we decided to order the second-biggest one on the menu- Chocolate World. Mmm…. more fatness… it was so good…

I’m debating whether or not to study today because I feel like my head’s gonna explode. I’m cramming too much information in so I can’t remember any one thing. Aha… so this is a little taste in the life of biology student’s memory requirements, huh…I should ask my brother how he does it…

No Exercise

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

I ate oyako-don for lunch today. It was raining nonstop the whole day. As we got off the subway to the station where the Momoji gym is, A got a text message from the badminton guys saying that practice was canceled. So, we headed back. No exercise for me :(

So I asked them where Mandarake was. It’s actually really close to the station, just north of it. From the outside, it looked huge. There are four floors in total. But I think most of the ones in Tokyo would top Fukuoka’s in terms of items for sale. I naturally went to the girls’ floor. I found two Bohra Naono manga published just this year <333 After that we went to Animate. Woowww it’s so small!!! I didn’t find anything there but it was crowded with teenages and even tourists. It’s just one floor. But I did find out that the  mangaka who did “Please Save My Earth” started another series recently as a sequel to that. I’m tempted to try it out but also wary. It could totally ruin it. Also, I never read the full manga even though I bought the whole series hahaha. I’ll see if I can find it in Book Off.

After that, we went to Big Camera to look at games. They had Nanashi no Game but I reasoned with myself I wouldn’t understand most of it anyway, so I wouldn’t be scary if I played it. They actually have a lot of mystery games here, but I again reasoned with myself that it wouldn’t be worth spending the 4500 yen. But I’ll probably cave in eventually… Oh yah they also have the new Square Enix games… the one with music… too hard to understand the Japanese!

Well, afterwards the guys wanted to head back (although I did want to stay… there were artists every corner and I wanted to hear stuff) because it was pouring. So we headed back to the dorm. When we went there the dorm lady told me a girl from Austria just moved in beside me. After I went to my room, people knocked on my door and it was the girl along with her Japanese boyfriend. He asked me to take care of her. So we went to dinner with her. She’s already been here for several months so I think she knows Fukuoka way more than I do…

We ate dinner at an omuraisu place in Ijiri. It was actually wrapped in a crepe, so it was really small but really yummy. Then I passed by an okonomiyaki place and bought a taiyaki, the fish-shaped cake with red bean. I actually really liked it :D The rain stopped by this time.

So, now that I’ve eaten too much… I’m going to attempt to study… Or, keep reading manga… hmm XD

Room 204

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

I began the day by waayyy oversleeping. It was 11am by the time I dragged my lazy ass out of bed. There was construction going on downstairs and some woman’s voice blaring on speaker in the neighborhood and people running around. めんどくさい!

A and N and I had planned to meet at 2pm and I wanted to go work out in the gym before so the schedule was super tight. I got to the gym half past 12. I only worked out for 40 minutes :( There weren’t many people, which was nice. I was prepared this time; I bought some towels at the Daiso beforehand so I took a shower there. Nevertheless, I was still 10 minutes late in meeting A and N at Tenjin.

We decided to go eat lunch. They just came back from jujitsu and I was utterly starving by that point so we went to get donburi. I had the tuna don. It somehow seems the most healthy but prolly not by much :p By the time we were done it was 3. It was supposed to be wall-climbing after, but I was being super paranoid about the time so I bailed out. The wall-climbing was a few subway stops away and I would’ve had to account for train time too, plus shower time… headache…So I went back home with the intent to study…. I fell asleep instead.

At 7 I went to Ijiri station to meet up with another Mixi friend. She is my age and lives in Ijiri too. Well, before I met her I was waiting at the station and ran into A and N as they were heading back. As expected, they were on their way to eat dinner at the cheap udon place.. haha… I think the lady who runs the shop will have hundreds and hundreds of dollars of our money by the time we leave.

This girl I met- she’s really pretty and cute!! She’s a bit of a tomboy, and really sporty, so I was surprised when she was wearing short pants and high boots. She led me to a popular restaurant lounge a minute away from the train station. I never noticed it before… it is called Room 204. The girl’s sister works there. She often goes there- all the staff know her. We ordered a bunch of stuff to share… haha I was surprised by how much we ordered- cocktails, a really tasty seafood salad, fried chicken (smothered with mayo), sausage pizza, cream pasta, tea, and then dessert (I had a loaf of honey toast with chocolate and ice cream). My Japanese once again SUCKED (I swear, I’m getting worse, I blab out random sounds before I can restrain myself) but she was very understanding. We abused the electronic dictionary. She taught me a lot of Hakata-ben but I think I forgot most of it now. It was midnight by the time we finished (she also wanted to wait for her sister to finish the shift). Then we all walked home together. They apparently live really close to me.

Not sure what tomorrow’s plans are. I’m meeting A and N for badminton at noon. This weekend Fukuoka has a city-wide music festival with acts appearing throughout downtown on the street. I haven’t heard of any of the artists :P But it would be nice to check out.

Other than that, I am developing a nice sore throat. Bahh. Go awayyyyyy!!!

Goodbye Money…

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Since class was so late this week, I didn’t hand in my bedding laundry to the reception before 9. Apparently that’s when they stop accepting dirty sheets. Well, me and a Japanese guy tried to hand in our laundry at the same time and were bemused to find the new sheets already there and the old bags taken away. So the dorm lady saw us and scolded the both of us and we ran away sheepishly.

Test class was yet another bomb. I got everything wrong even with using the dictionary. GWAH! Mika-sensei won’t be teaching me next week :( Not only because she is so cheerful and really good at explanations, she gives the most homework, which is really good. I actually want to breeze through this book and maybe get something else in terms of exercises.

For lunch a couple of us went to 回転すし. I grabbed 3 plates of unagi sushi hahaha. I tried some other stuff I had no idea what kind of fish… It was a 750 yen lunch.

Afternoon classes… once again, kind of meh.

After class, six of us went to the Three Kings Pub, a British pub. The other students went for a tempura party, and the American guy leading it kept saying I should go.. waaah I feel kind of bad. He’s so nice! But I think I had enough excitement at the izakaya a few days ago to compensate for this week haha.

Anyways, we went to the pub because one of the British guys (well, the last one living in my dorm) is leaving Japan tomorrow. I ordered bangers and mash for the first time ever :D   SO MANY CALORIES! So.. that costed 1600 yen (with juice)

Then we went to karaoke at a big chain karaoke place. This had more songs than the one we went to last week. The following songs I was sooo happy to see/sing were:

Nightwish - Amaranth
Evangelion OVA - Eternal Embrance (I forgot the kanji), If I Can’t Be Yours
Cowboy Bebop - Blue
Gravitation <– didn’t get a chance to sing but I WILL sing super drive!!
I think it’s so ridiculously awesome they have a billion songs dedicated to medleys. Artist medleys, movie medleys, enka medleys, anime medleys, medleys by year/month… Just for the times when you want to show off your song memory powers :P Well, the boys contented themselves with mostly Dragonball Z and Pokemon songs, though there were a few great ones here and there. One of them sang the Hannah Montana song perfectly… hmm.. XD Anyway, it was fun!!!! By the time we went back down to the reception area (almost 11pm), the reception was packed with people, all waiting for a room. Karaoke - 2600 yen.

Then I bought mochi on the way home at the 24 hour supermarket.

I spent quite a lot today.. Yeeesh.

Gahhh I feel so fat and bloated. Hopefully I’ll make my way to the gym tomorrow. I’m supposed to meet A and N to go wall climbing tomorrow. But I have this stupid dilemma. If everything is well and the gym is OPEN (i don’t trust that gym), then I’ll try to work out for an hour. So I think I have to shower… but then my clothes will be all sweaty and I’ll be gross when I go wall-climbing. So maybe I have to bring both sets of gym clothes….


I’m way too sleepy now, going to bed.

Killed by Kanji

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

I got pretty much every question wrong in the ‘fill the appropriate kanji in the sentence’ exercises I did last night. Tonight I’m allowed to look up stuff in the dictionary, but even with it, I’m having trouble. Every choice seems like a synonym of each other :(

I woke up early to do laundry. Good thing I timed in half an hour for “laundry trouble” because the stinking card reader struck again. It kept spitting out my laundry card and blinking “ERROR ERROR U SUK”. So I had to go down to reception and ask about it. Turns out the card got scratched (it soooo wasn’t me because it accepted it once when I tried and then spit it back out so it must’ve happened during this time). Stupid thing. At least I got it working after that.

After I rushed to hang my laundry outside, I went to school. After an hour of lesson, a 2 hour break. I went to ampm again to buy a bento. I also went to the post office to try my TD Canada trust card (it worked!). People started trickling in during this time. I kept to my studying, though others were playing Resident Evil 4 in the back as there is a Wii at school.

Afternoon passed by again. My speaking skills are soo horrible. :( I seriously have the urge to run to the computer and use google every time I need to speak a sentence. Ahhh, so maybe that’s what an Iphone would be good for :P

After school, I went to meet up with Mixi friend. She was really nice! We went to an okonomiyaki place. I’m not sure what I had. It was soba and egg among other stuff. We spoke mostly English. She invited me to a party at her house next weekend.

On the way back to my dorm, I accidentaly met up with N (in the dark haha) so I went to the cheap udon place with him since he didn’t eat yet. He seems to have become addicted to that place. I ordered a miso soup. Well, I actually also bought a melonpan but I didn’t eat it there.

I got next week’s schedule today. More afternoon classes :/ But everyone else has morning class. :( I hope they will wait for me if they do something big. But I am planning to meet 3 other Mixi people next week after class.