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Sunday, December 7th, 2008


Yeah I’m praying that I didn’t do as bad as I think on the listening section. I missed most of it, they just flew over my head.

I’m really really hoping my grammar and vocab can somehow pull it up.. GAHHH.. I think I got maybe 40% of listening… ughhh ughhh ughhh!!!  The vocab at the end was really bad too.. ughhh… ughhh

Well.. at least i made it to the test site without much trouble. I never saw so many chinese and korean people all together at once.. kind of reminded me of an engineering exam..

ughhh don’t want to think about the test.. the results are in february :/ mega eeeeeeeekkkkkk

Last Week

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Sun, Nov 30  - Went to get a haircut, my final one in Fukuoka. I dyed my hair darker. My hairstylist and I went through the usual talk, and it was really relaxing and fun. When I left, he gave me a bag, an early Christmas present, he said. I told him I would write to him once I get to Canada. He is such a nice guy. He wished me the best of luck and kept bowing as I left. In the bag, was a handwritten card, bookmark, and hair product. Well, all customers get such gift, but it’s really nice to have such a personal touch from a hair salon.

Right after that, I met with Yuuji sensei’s friend. Well, it was quite a bad time to meet her, since I am leaving soonafter, but having coffee with her was fun! We spoke mostly in Japanese. She talked about a lot of things about herself- her family, boyfriend, etc. She had bright dyed hair, fake lashes, and shorts, so definitely the most trendy girl I’ve thus talked to. She also showed me her French boyfriend- who surprisingly works at a shop at Shintenchou!

After coffee, I went to meet with my female Mixi friend, the one who had invited me to her house a month before. I texted her the day before and told her I was leaving soon so the only time to meet was Sunday. It turns out she just had surgery and couldn’t leave the house, so I went to pay her a visit. We spent a really nice evening together. I bought her a gift, and when she opened it, it seemed like she was going to cry, which completely blew me away. Actually, the real purpose of me visiting her was so that she could gave me a kimono. I kept refusing before because of the value of the kimono, but she kept insisting. That’s why I didn’t understand her response to my present, especially since she has been so nice to me. We ordered pizza and drank wine while chatting. I was really sad to leave her.

Mon, Dec 1 - Went to the gym with H. HAHAHA It has been such a long time…. so out of shape…

Tues, Dec 2 - Went to eat pasta at Imus building and Starbucks with H. :D

Weds, Dec 3 - Went to eat dinner with Japanese guy. We went to a really nice place in Tenjin called Tomoru. The tables are arranged really intimately- there are actually curtains for each table for two. It’s a fusion restaurant so there were a lot of nice combinations. We talked about, well, what if I were to come back to Fukuoka. Which, by the way, may be a possibility depending on some things decided by Genki Jacs. I am crossing my fingers that it turns out… I will also miss him as well :( He’s been really, so nice to me, spending so many weekends showing me around Fukuoka, and helping me with my Japanese. He said I was the first person he’s contacted on mixi that he’s met randomly, so I guess it’s good we got to know each other!!

Thurs, Dec 4 - H’s host family invited me over for dinner and stay overnight :D :D I was really looking forward to it all week! H promised the family to cook Dutch food. The family has two young boys who are really cute, and the parents are super nice as well. I (kinda) helped H preparing the food, but I was impressed, because he said he never made the food before. So I finally had tons and tons of mashed potatoes after 3 months and was sooo happy. And French toast… Mmmmmmmm………. We all ate until we felt like exploding. And I was spoiled being able to stay over… their futon is soooo nice. And it was nice to stay over with H ^^;

Fri, Dec 5 - H and I took the bus to school together. After school, I did my speech (though it was written down), and the people who were taking the JLPT (me and another guy) got a special cheering ceremony. I said goodbye to P, and she ran off in tears :( :( As for the evening, the GenkiJACs event was karaoke. Actually, this time, I think I had the most fun. Everyone drinking got pleasantly drunk and teachers even showed up (they say to hear me sing …. i hope they weren’t too disappointed hahaha). I took a lot of pictures, and everyone was being so nice to me. A actually gave me a good luck charm for the test. I will miss everyone so much!!! :(
Afterwards everyone went to Fubar, but H and I went to a, as one of the teachers calls it, a ‘ha-ha hotel’. This one had karaoke!! And the price for overnight stay was the same as the short stay in the first one!! :P

Sat, Dec 6 - Had to check out of hotel by 11. We went to eat Indian for lunch. Then went home to study/sleep. Since H moved back to the dorm, we ate dinner at the omuraisu cafe nearby. Was totally not in study mood.