I met up with the guys at 10am today.

Apparently I am hard of hearing because I thought they were going shopping at 10. But they were going to jijitsu fighting!!! WTTTFF!!! I felt sooo stupid.

So I went shopping, agreeing to meet up with them at 1.30. I was soooo worried about having to pass the time. I went to Tenjin core and decided to visit every store for at least 5 minutes bottom-up (except mens stores).

This fall in Japan, the popular styles are: checkered-pattern scarves or shirts, one-pieces with large knitted pictures

Well, I liked a lot of stuff, but I knew most would be too small anyways. My policy was if the salesgirl tried to talk to me more than once I would run away. But I was looking at one store when the girl caught me. As soon as I said I wasn’t Japanese her face lit up and start talking nonstop to me. She was really cheerful though, and not annoying, so I kept talking to her. She called me ‘kawaii nee-chan’, though she was older than me. I told her I wanted jeans but I couldn’t fit in Japanese sizes and she said ‘you totally CAN’… and handed me a medium pair. Oh god… my ass couldn’t even fit. So then she handed me an L size. It fits… barely. I told her and then she launched into a 10 minute speech on how denim stretches and you’re supposed to suffer the first few times you wear it and she used to feel the same before she started working at the store, that all sizes were too small for her and you just need to keep stretching it and it’ll fit perfectly. Ok.. yeah.. I’ll admit, I gave in and bought the pair of 100$ jeans >_< She kept complimenting me nonstop hahhaa.. her salespower is WIN. Definitely the friendliest I’ve ever experienced in Japan.
There is also a goth floor in Tenjin Core. It has H Naoto, Algonquins, Kera, etc. People were staring at me disapprovingly, as I was dressed far from goth. I didn’t buy anything… GOOD ON ME!

I met up with the guys as promised, and one of the British guys bought me a coffee. He’s a really nice guy. He’s actually going to Hong Kong on Monday to stay with his girlfriend for a while. So maybe he’ll know Cantonese later hahaha. I love his accent. He sounds, and looks like Dominic Monoghan XD
We met up with even more people at Tenjin Station and we headed over to Canal City. Canal City is an outdoor-ish mall with a small canal running through it. I met two new people, another American and another British guy. We went to eat at a lunch buffet. I asked the British to teach me slang words… Hahahhahaa.. I was laughing uncontrollably… I love the insult “muppet” XDDD

Oh yeah I found out the Norweigen is also a future engineer, though he already did engineering stuff in the army!

I hope to study for the rest of tonight. Tomorrow evening I will go to badminton with the American student in my dorm (he assured me I can be a complete beginner… he better not be lying)

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