A Not-So-Boring Sunday

Originally I was supposed to meet with a Mixi friend today, but she was not feeling well so it was postponed.

One of the other students in my dorm called me up in the afternoon and together we, and the Norweigan also in our dorm went to eat lunch. We went to the super-cheap udon/don place by the station. All of us ended up getting both donburi and udon, because none of us had breakfast. I had kitsune-udon and negi-toro don. I had already agreed to go to play badminton with the American (let’s call him A) in the evening so we discussed what to do until then. In the end, we decided on karaoke! :D

We went back to the dorm and backed our gym clothes and headed off to Tenjin. We entered this huge karaoke building… my first time in a karaoke place in Japan!! There are 5 floors of rooms. We had to wait a few minutes but soon we were on the third floor in a tiny room. But…oh my.. the song selection!! Brought tears to my eyes!! I could finally sing 壊れかけのRadio, Le Salle de Bain, Kiss Me Goodbye, etc etc!! I want to go by myself one day and sing the whole Angela Aki/Sheena Ringo/Amano Tsukiko list<3

After 3 hours, we went to meet another guy from our class. Before that though, we fooled around a bit at the arcade. I made everyone do a purikura (too bad I don’t have a scanner, the pictures are pretty hilarious). The guys played a Rambo arcade game… that game had a giant plasma screen.. it was pretty epic… So, after meeting up with the other guy, the four of us headed off to the gymnasium.. called Momoji and I don’t remember what the place is called except it was super far away and it cost 250yen by subway :( It was badminton night and we discovered the courts were very, very full. Even worse, a league was coming to practice and took up every single court except one. We met one of the GenkiJACs teachers there.

Well, I decided not to wait for a turn especially since I can’t play badminton, so I wandered around and found myself in the training room. I could finally run!!! So I ran a bit and used the bike as well, and then some weights. It was really quite empty. It was pretty nice, actually, I hope I can run again soon (though, I only brought 2 changes of gym clothes here so maybe I’ll need to wash more often).

A wanted to play past 9 so the rest of us decided to leave an hour before that to grab some food. We went to eat at an omerice restaurant at Solaria Plaza.

So, pretty good Sunday, though I spent a lot of money :x

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