Pitchers of Ice Cream

This week class starts late - 11:30. I unintentionally slept in past breakfast.

I had the first exam intensive hour today. I told the teacher I wanted to focus on listening, since that is something I can’t study by myself (without buying a crapload of CDs) so we concentrate on that. Boy… I flunked the ones we went through. But it’s good, it seems that I’m the only one taking it (at least, for this week) so I get full attention for that hour. She gave me a mock test to do for tonight- it’s going to be hard doing it without looking up words :P

I had a bento for lunch. It cost 360 yen which was quite reasonable. The afternoon classes was just me and another guy, which was really good as well. We were focused and, unlike last week, finished all the planned material for the class.

It was 5.30 when class ended so a bunch of us went to the Starbucks nearby. Then we split up and me and three other guys went to eat dinner at Tenjin Core. We had small amount of pasta for a ridiculous price :( But afterwards we went to the dessert place and ordered a giant pitcher of ice cream to share among the four of us. It was quite delicious and calorific. We all got little long spoons and dug in, and eventually by the time you get to the bottom it’s a huge nasty mess.

By the way, I was still harassing the British guys on their accent :)

Then me and American guy from my dorm went home while the British went to the pub.

On another note, I was asked for information twice today! By Japanese people! One asked me train information and one asked me directions to the shopping mall. I think I managed to fool them hahaha. But then… when I went to Lawson and attempted to buy a prepaid card… wow that was a disaster. The three workers just stared at me in silence as I poorly tried to explain I wanted phone minutes. Last ditch attempt I said “prepaid card” and no one understood, and kept staring. 10 minutes later they lead me to the card machine and one girl says “pu-ri-pai-do-ca-a-do” … …. … *falls over*

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