More Rain

Today wasn’t that exciting. I was really sleepy because of the rain. It was quite heavy and gray.

I met up with Norweigan and we tried to go to the cheap udon place for “breakfast” but it was closed. Instead we went to Hotto Motto and bought bentos and ate it at the school. I had a fish bento set for 380 yen.

Class was as usual. I found out how I did on the mock test and my grammar/listening turned out pretty terrible. The kanji was pretty good, but I think it was just the questions themselves that were easy, not reflective of my kanji skills at all hahaha. I think they will only concentrate on this mock test for the rest of the week. Today the teacher went over each listening question… frick… it’s tricky. Because I always start daydreaming by the third question.

After school we tried going to the public gym but it was friggin closed. I have no idea why, there was no indication they would be off today, even on their website. We’re going to try again tomorrow. MEGA-BOO.

Instead we went to a Izakaya with other students. I unfortunately spent 2500 yen though I think I prolly ate/drank around 500 yen’s worth. But I didn’t want to spoil the nomihoudai. Behh! But it was nice of them to invite me^^ I was able to see what horse sashimi ( :( ) looked like among other things…
There’s this one girl on my floor who blasts music really loudly early in the morning and late at night… I’m listening to it right now >_>;; The guys say they can hear someone typing on the other side of their wall. Haha. Well I hope it’s not the case because I sing in the shower sometimes XD

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