Kumamoto City

Today G2 and N and I met up early for a field trip to Kumamoto City. It was a 3300 yen trip for trip with with return by bus. The ride itself was an hour and a half. The scenery wasn’t too special, mostly suburbs and small farms scattered here and there.

We got to the city around noon. The sun was definitely stronger in Kumamoto than in Fukuoka, and the temperature seemed warmer, probably without the sea breeze. Our main target was the Kumamoto Castle, built in the 1400’s and supposedly the third most beautiful castle in Japan. The castle perimeter was huge and surrounded by a moat. Everything had been reconstructed in the early 1900’s so the actual rooms and stuff were all missing on the inside; instead, the castle had been turned into a museum. It had a lot of interesting artifacts dating from hundreds of years up until the samurai rebellion. It’s too bad that the actual rooms weren’t there though. However, one of the turrets still had rooms (but nothing in them). It’s easy to see how confusing Japanese rooms can be, like in the horror games!

Today is a holiday so there were tons of Japanese people there, coming by the busful because of tours. We stayed there for about two hours and then went to get something to eat in downtown. I also got to try a REAL taiyaki, not a microwaved one like the one they sell outside my dorm. It is basically a waffle with red bean inside :P Kumamoto is actually a pretty big city, but we didn’t have time to explore anything.

When we got back, we met up with G and went to eat Korean bi bim bap. I was soo full already from the oyako don at Kumomoto but I ate a mini bowl. Urk. Afterwards we went to a nice bar called Little Space (ummm I think) and I had a coffee there. It’s too bad G is leaving… G and G2 make a good combination hahaha. It was fun, we were mostly chatting nonsense. We left at 11 (and thusly I had no time to study all weekend… )

By the way, after the bowling incident of Friday, G2 bought me a pair of, as he said, “rescue socks” XD That reminds me of what happened in Ottawa when we tried to go bowling hahaha…

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  1. edojin Says:

    Ah yes, Kumamoto.

    I didn’t go there on a holiday. In fact, it was a weekday, and everybody was working.

    I stayed in Fujie Hotel, close to the Kumamoto station. I visited the castle and coming back to the hotel, I stopped in a really small family-owned oldish restaurant, which was next to the hotel.

    Most of the people in Kumamoto looked at me with a strange eye — like they’ve never seem a foreigner before. One particular person I remember was waiting like me to cross the street to get to the station. He was staring at me, seriously, until I turned around and asked “Doushita?” This word must have scared him, since he was surprised and literally ran away!

    However, funny enough, the old lady I met in the small degraded restaurant was one of the nicest Japanese people I’ve met.

  2. edojin Says:

    Ah crap, my comment didn’t go through?

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