Another Mixi Meeting!

Yesterday nothing too much happened so I don’t think I’ll write about it. I think I already forgot! It was G’s last day and we went to Starbucks for a while and that’s about all I remember. And before he left he gave me his leftover toilet paper which is quite awesome… I hope I can pan out my stuff to people when I leave too.
Today a new classmate joined our level in Japanese. She is a girl from Poland and very pretty and nice! She is sooo good at Kanji. The first hour of lesson, the teacher gave us a bunch of kanji vocabulary as a test. P knew every single one… I knew maybe about 25%. My jaw was on the floor. She is actually going to be taking exam course with me next week, even though she won’t be taking it this year. I asked her if she would take it for me hahaha… In a way I’m kind of glad she is higher because then I can be the one slowing the class down (at my own pace) but in a way not so much because that one hour a day one-on-one with a teacher is very valuable time.

After class G2, N, and I went to the bookstore. I got some exam workbooks which I’ll hopefully take a look at tonight… My teacher recommended some books to me earlier today but they were out of stock and too difficult (it had level 1 as well) so I just randomly grabbed some workbooks. After that we went to Canal City so that G2 and I could buy Lion King musical tickets. We got tickets for the ground floor (but in the far half) for 11000 yen. The show is for the end of the month. I’ve never seen it so I’m looking forward to it!

After that, we ended back in Tenjin. I went to meet with another Mixi friend. She is around the same age as me and homestayed in BC for a few weeks before. Actually, her English is very good; her writing even better. We spoke in English today, because I think she really wanted to practice it. We went to a place in Solaria to eat Japanese food (she used to work at the restaurant). She is a really pleasant person, very down-to-earth. I think she is similar to the other Mixi girl I met last week. We talked about jobs, overseas, and guys (I didn’t really have much to say on that hahaha) We went to a cafe nearby afterwards. She recommended this crepe cake… which is basically crepes folded in very thin layers in the shape of a cake lined with whipped cream inside (very little) and glazed in honey. It was reallly good.

By the way hahaha… I’m noticing my body getting bigger… it’s so awful… I’m really looking forward to daily workouts when I go back to Canada (it’s one of the few things I’m looking forward to).

We left Tenjin on the same train. Hopefully I can meet her again! I’m so glad all the people who contacted me on Mixi before I left Canada actually agreed to meet me :)
Oh, I finally finished the other Naono Bohra manga I bought the other week. It was soooo sweet; I was crying just looking at the artwork. いつかの秘密, it is called. Her artwork has really, really improved over the years. Ahhh, I love her so much I think I will end up buying her non-BL fantasy stuff and the stuff I already have scanslations of as well <3

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