Fishing for Dinner

Let me turn back time again and talk about Thrusday and Friday. On Thursday I went to the gym after class and had dinner with G2 afterwards. We had ramen and some dessert afterwards. We actually went to the dreaded mega-ice cream place again but I ordered a frozen yoghurt this time so it was all good.

On Friday I had my exam class with the teacher who is charge of organizing these exam classes. She agreed that one hour isn’t enough time to study things so she said she will try to put me and P into a more advanced conversation class. I’m not really sure that will help. In any case, I can never find time to study these days!!! Time is moving by so fast. When I do find time to study it’s in the early hours of night like 12-2 am, and by that time I’m zoned out. Too bad there is no Starbucks in Ijiri… that would be an ideal place to study, I think. All the Starbucks in Tenjin are very loud and very busy.

I signed up for a student dinner event this day, which is going to a restaurant called Zaou. It is a place where you can fish for your dinner. Depending on the species of fish you catch, the price goes up or down. We went as a group of about 15 people. Most people got to fish something. I caught a cheaper variety of fish. It was actually very easy, because they cage these easy fish and the pole is hooked, and not a lure/bait kind. So you wave the hook under a fish and pull very quickly, and you’ve caught it.

They prepare your catch in a variety of ways, like steaming, frying, sashimi, etc. After you eat the flesh, they fry the bones so you can eat all of it (mmm fish head). The sashimi wasn’t too tasty, I thought, but the steamed was very good. We ended up paying around 3000 yen per person.

We left at around 9. G2, P, and I went to the purikura, since P was asking about it earlier, as she had never gone. Afterwards, G2, N, P, and I went to Small Spaces, which is the bar we visited earlier this holiday weekend. I think they remembered us. We had coffee and beer. N brought along his two Japanese friends and we had fun! N and I ended up missing the last train home so it was taxi for us again.

I’ll end with expressing gratitude at how polite the people in this city are. People in Fukuoka are so nice. From the security guard to opens the door and says good night when we leave the department store after dinner, to the people on Mixi I meet, everyone is nothing but nice. It really helps you feel at home.
I am going to try linking a picture. This gives me bad memories of my 4th year engineering project. Hahahaha.

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