Appeasement Through Indian Food

Yesterday I had to wake up early to get my hair done at 9. I got the same thing done, which is quite rare since I like changing my hairstyle a lot, but I think I’m quite happy with what I have currently. I thanked my stylist for the postcard he sent a while back, and he said he liked writing letters as a hobby, and that he would send me one again. So this time I will for sure send a reply back. Maybe I can convince him that my Japanese is not as terribly broken as when I am talking to him. The salon was full of old ladies again, which I think is a shame in a way because pretty much all they want are permed short hair, and the stylists there are much more creative than that.

I went to Daiso to buy a few more card packs for my Kanji. Then went home and attempted to study for a bit (that plan fell when I fell asleep in the school cafeteria). I decided I wanted to go shopping. So off I went with N to Tenjin Core. I actually found nothing I wanted to buy (or stuff I wanted but would cost $300 for the entire outfit). G2 joined us later on. I got really hungry and we tried to go to the ramen-booth place but there was a line. And G2 didn’t want omellette rice or Indian :( But we ended up going to the Japanese restaurant my mixi friend introduced me to last week at Solaria department store.

G2 and N were going to go to the bar afterwards but I was too sleepy and grumpy (for not being able to buy anything) so I left and studied the rest of the night. YEY!

Today was a quite normal day. After school we went to starbucks a bit to study and after that N and I went to Nanuk Indian restaurant for dinner. Mmmmmm. I even ordered extra naan mmmmm!! We then went to Mandarake (couldn’t find anything) and then went home. At the dorm, the dorm keepers asked me to practice English with one of the students who is training to be a flight counter clerk. So I’ll be meeting with her on Wednesday evening. Hopefully I have nothing else on that day. My schedule is getting a bit warped!! I think so far we are planning to get quote on quote “pissed drunk” on Friday, on Sunday I’m meeting with a Mixi person, and on Monday as well… I think…
Both my feet are swollen and itchy because some stupid kind of insect has been biting me!!! It happened in the school cafeteria yesterday. I was studying and all of the sudden I felt pain in both my feet and then I saw something flying around. Now I have 4 bites on both feet :(

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