Busted Ipod >:(

Let’s start out with the fact that my ipod battery is BUSTED which seems to be the fate of all my ipod stuff. I’m not sure how I’m going to survive without my 80 gigs of music for the next while :( BOOOOO!!!

As per usual, I went to the gym. I gained something like 3 pounds since the last time I went… so it’s been a dessert buffet, indian dinner, big Japanese dinner, and much more… yikes yikes yikes どうしよう:( So this week, I am trying to cut lunch (except fruit) and and all snacking after dinner. It will work until the weekend, hahaha.

Speaking of which, N told me where to get fruit. I’ve been buying apples from a small fruit stall about 10 minutes walk from the school. The owners are an older couple and really gruff. I hand the fruit over, the guy inspects it (I dont’ know why) ‘100 yen’. I hand money, and he hands me back the apple, the end. The apples are giant here though, and very sweet :D

By the way, I am not sure if it’s just Fukuoka or many other cities as well, but most bentos come with calorie information, which is REALLY helpful. A bento with rice, some fried pork, vegetables, and egg is about 600-700 calories. Most normal-sized bentos are 500-800. Onigiri is around 200-250. They go for about 300-600 yen…very cheap (if only fruits were cheaper, huh).

I went to eat omuraisu for dinner today with N and G2. The dinner set comes with chicken ceaser salad, hokkaido corn soup, and omuraisu of your choice (I picked normal ketchup). Mmmmmm… But what I am really missing is steak!!

I met the girl at the dorm this evening, the one whom I was supposed to help. It turns out she wanted me to help her prepare for an English interview for an internship position in China. So I looked at her Japanese response and then her English response and tried to fix things. It made me realize how difficult it is to master professional speaking in a foreign language. By all means, the sentences she wrote were fine, but they are far for business-professional. I didn’t change them to be professional either, because in English we add a lot of unnecessary adjectives and fluffy stuff to make ourselves sound like we know what we’re talking about in the corporate world. So I hope her interviewer will be forgiving (if they deviate from the script it will probably be all over). The girl is actually the most popular girl in the dorm though, so maybe I got plus points overall? She told me she had never been able to communicate with a foreign student as she had with me though, which sort of boosted my confidence :D Though it got me thinking that I will probably need a few more years before I would be brave enough to take an interview in Japanese.

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  1. talonne Says:

    Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate = 620 calories. I had one this morning and it was SO GOOD, but when I checked the nutritional info, it was like I may as well have had a big fat burger at 7:40am. You may wish to avoid this drink of delicious doom.

    Or not.

    Because it is delicious.

    Sounds like you’re communicating very well over there. :D How much longer do you have before your exam?

  2. Tommy Says:

    I’ve had one… the new hazel nut is better… the salt… it can be tasted…

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