Not Much Sleep

Hmm… I can’t recall what happened on Thursday… but it was raining quite a lot.

Friday, which was yesterday. There was a GenkiJACS party at an Izakaya, an all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink affair. Some people got quite drunk. They kept bringing endless plates of food, such as takoyaki, fried rice, tonkatsu, and other izakaya deep-fried food, which I didn’t stop eating. Afterwards, Canadian guy, B, G2, N, N’s Japanese friend and her friend, and I went to a karaoke bar, which was again nomi-hodai. We sang 2 hours and when I tried to ask for more time they say no, so we all disappointedly left. We ended up at Three Kings British pub, getting more alcohol and junk food. Then by 2 am they were closing so we went to the usual hangout, Small Spaces (they know us by now). I was still sadly sober (a little high, but not too much) but others were quite happy. I think it was the fact I ate so much izakaya food that nothing really hit. We talked a lot more nonsense the rest of the night, and those times are always fun :D N and I once again took the cab home and was in bed by 4.30am.

I woke up at 10am and guilted myself to go to the gym. It was super busy at today, with billions of kids running everywhere. I didn’t get to exercise much because I was on a very tight schedule. I couldn’t  even run much because I got a huge stitch on my side halfway :( Behh. By 12.45, I was out of there.

On the way to Tenjin Station, I was stopped by a girl who is one of those who stand around the station and promote their company. She was blabbing and I said something unintelligable about being in a hurry and she asked, 韓国人ですか and I said カナダ人 and she said ‘OH I am learning English!’. And we chatted for a few minutes before I escaped (though she said to come back and say hi whenever I’m there… which I am every day.. must be rough to have a job like that). But I think that was pretty cool. Usually when they realize I’m not Japanese they apologize and run away.
I met up with another Mixi person today. A guy! He looks a lot younger than his age, I think, hahaha. He lived in the States for quite a few years so I was able to blab away in English, though I think he was trying to push me to speak Japanese. He is a IT network engineer! I think it was quite easy to talk to him, although there were some silences… He took me to a really nice western restaurant in the southern ward, maybe 15 minutes walk from Tenjin. I had eggplant/beef spaghetti, but the best part was the dessert he recommended… it was apple pie. The pie was very fluffy powdered pastry with warm caramel apples inside… rich ice cream on top… Mmmmmm… Soooo good. He treated me too :D

Afterward we looked at some high-class homestyle stores and walked back to Tenjin. We went to a expensive chocolate cafe, where they serve REALLY $$$ chocolate… yikes… a single piece was around 300-400yen.  I decided to take the bill this time and the two of us having coffee plus 2 pieces of chocolate costed 3000yen :o Wooowwwww

It was around 5 by then so we said goodbye and I went to meet up with G2 in Tower Records. I ended up buying Shimizu Shota’s Home single because I have been madly obsessed with that song since… when was it, March of this year? We went window shopping for about an hour, mostly in the Solaria department store, but we didn’t buy anything. We met up with N after, and we all walked to Canal City (20 minute walk from Tenjin station) to eat kaiten-sushi. I was positively stuffed by this point but still managed to eat 1000 yen worth.. :P (Actually what I liked the most was the pineapple for dessert).

I finally found the toy that lets you sing karaoke with a mike in the toy section of Bic Camera (ok… I keep spelling this store wrong). It is 9800 yen!!! WTF!!! It was kind of crappy too, from what I saw of the demo. So I guess I don’t need to want to buy it so much anymore. :P As some of you may recall, I kept on saying I wanted one a few years ago.

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