Early on Sunday morning, G2, B, N, and I assembled at Tenjin Station and hopped on a 2.5 hour bus ride to Nagasaki. It started raining as soon as the bus drove out.

It continued to rain as we reached Nagasaki. We were dropped off of the JR station and we proceeded to walk along the Nakashima river until we reached Spectacles Bridge, the oldest stone bridge in Japan. Afterwards we went to eat Champon, a noodle soup with origins in China. It is famous in Nagasaki. We then went to the Sou-fuku temple, a Chinese-built temple from the 1600’s. Then, it was time to take the tram to Nagasaki Peace Park. There were a lot of school trips there, as well as several Japanese tours. The sky was very dark and it was cold and wet, making the park quite depressing.

After visiting the hypocenter where the bomb exploded, we walked a few hundred meters to the Atomic Bomb Museum. It was really well put together, and there was an endless supply of materials - interviews, pictures, artifacts. I think anyone who visits will be impacted.

We stopped by the one-legged torii, which used to be a temple arch; half was blown away from the atomic blast.

It stopped raining a bit but it was getting dark by then. We went back to the station. I wolfed down a donut and a burger (I was very cold and my pants/shoes were soaked by this point). We went back and arrived in Fukuoka near 10pm.

Nagasaki was interesting, but I would recommend anyone who goes to go on a sunnier day.


Today I tried to limit my calories but I had this wonderful idea to compare Sagar indian restarant to Nanak. I still prefer Nanak although it seems that all GenkiJACS students like Sagar hahaha. The おすすめ set comes with: a huge slab of naan, a piece of tandoori chicken, a shish kebab (made of tofu), vegetable curry, shrimp curry, dessert, lassi, and salad for 1500yen, which is a bit too expensive, eh? But it’s super filling. I was eating alone but N coincidentally walked in (he was going to go wallclimbing but it was closed today).

Anyway, I am buying these calorie bars called Calorie Mate which are 100kcal a bar. They are supposed to magically make you feel full. I’m not sure if they are working too well. But they must be better than eating 600kcal breakfasts, right? (Yeah I’m trying to work on not to binge for dinner)

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