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The girl living beside me… I complain about her on Facebook, but she’s so annoying. She blasts bass-heavy music day and night. I wouldn’t mind so much if the beat were slow but it’s super fast techno so it’s literally a drill going into your head. To add to that, at school, they are doing construction downstairs so the whole day is drowned out by the sound of the drill (by the way, the workers don’t wear ear protection; they’re going to be very deaf if they aren’t already).

I wrote a sort of letter of concern to GenkiJACS telling them the pace of the courses was really not up to snuff for someone taking a JPLT. They’re still not going to change the grammar/conversation classes, but at least now the homework has been upped and we’re getting past exams to work on, which makes me a bit happier!

So I think I definitely got something when I came back from Nagasaki. I was feeling very miserable yesterday with a huge headache. I feel a bit happier today but still headache (maybe it’s from the stupid music).

Today I went to the gym. On the way there, I was stopped by one of those ad people again (for makeovers). She asked me if I was a student and I said no… then she looked at all the huge bags I was carrying and asked if I was a cameraman… and then I said I was a foreign student. “Oh, but you are speaking with me!!”  And then so on and so forth.
I think one of the good things about being asian is that I can blend in, especially if I copy their mannerisms (eg handbag carried on forearm) and thus people can easily talk to me (ok.. so they are mostly just people trying to sell things). On the other hand, it really sucks because no one is interested in me when they can flirt/hang out with white European/American students, especially if they are male (Japanese girls can be very rabid… I worry about how they will behave when they see Brandur).

Anyway, after the gym, I met up with G2 to eat ramen at Ichiran. Mmmmmm! Afterwards G2 wanted beer but I wanted ice cream… after wandering around a bit and debating over choices, we ended up going to 7/11, buying beer/ice cream and going to the park next to the train station, which was quite pleasant.

I tried to limit myself to calorie mates today but instead I ate a lot of other crap, including dorm breakfast and a small onigiri for lunch. I have discovered that I like the action of eating, regardless of how full/hungry I am. So even if the calorie mate fills me up, I still want to chew something. AGGHHH!!! Ok… let’s try again tomorrow… no breakfast… rice breakfast is evil…

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