The Lion King / Back Murder

Last night G2 and I went to Canal City to see the Lion King show. The 6000th Japan performance! For that, all guests were given a pop-up card and a Lion King keychain, which was pretty spiffy. We were seated in row M in the floor so we had a really nice view of the stage. The performance itself was all in Japanese, and Timone and Pumba made the audience happy with their Hakata-ben speech. Good show! When it was over, there was a special encore to commemorate the performance, and I think we spent forever in the cheering/encoring/bowing cycle.

Things we noticed that were weird:

- The audience claps after every song, almost. And as soon as something happy with a beat seems to happen, they start clapping to the beat. Hahaha. I wonder if they also do this in musical concerts, since it’s a huge no-no for westerners

- Female audience members were squealing when Simba/Mufasa/Scar were walking down the aisles… the girls next to me were waving with hands outstretched “MUFASA-SAMAAA!!!!”

I was supposed to do a sample JPLT test for Friday so in the early hours of the morning I circled random answers and promptly fell asleep.

So today, I had the test checked and wow… I suck… I got 50% on grammar/reading comprehension and 70% on kanji/vocab. P got 10% higher than me.. hahaha… I need to really put my mind to this… it’s so hard >_<

So, a few days ago, N and I decided to get massages. I have never, ever gotten one before, and I wanted to try it out; several places were advertising in Shintencho market (a sort of strip mall on the way to school). We got led upstairs to the salon; I picked the aromatherapy course, which was 3900 yen for half hour (expensive, huh?) I stripped and waited for the masseuse to come in.

OH MY GOD IT WAS SO PAINFUL!!! My worst fears came true… My back is very sensitive and I’m quite ticklish. Especially my right shoulder and back, where I carry my messenger bag. It alternated between ticklish and extreme pain so I was twisting around and biting my lip so I wouldn’t laugh. She kept asking me if I was okay.. I gritted my teeth and muttered “daijoubu” but ouchhh… In the end she was like “… you need to come again… too many knots”.  Umm… hahha… so… massages aren’t supposed to be like this, right? I couldn’t make myself relax at all and as I’m typing my back and neck are in worse pain… on the other hand, N said he was super relaxed now. But, they complimented me on my Japanese and gave me fruit tea in the end :D

For dinner, the students went to a fry-your-own-tempura place. The set we got came with around 8 different tempura skewers. It wasn’t a lot of food at all, but the process of battering and then frying each set took two hours. But it was neat! My American classmate bought mini oreos for us to tempura. I then went to Morris Pub, had a drink, and then karaoke for 2 hours before the last train.

I saw random people dressed up in “costumes”, if you call wearing a witch hat or a cape a costume. There’s Halloween parties in most bars/clubs tonight, I think. I’m going to one tomorrow, which hopefully will be better than what I’m envisioning at the moment…

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