Rainy Day

I woke up early expecting to catch the breakfast being served in the dormitory from 7-8.30am. But, as I failed to catch on, meals are not served on Sundays. It was raining hard outside but I did not want to go back and sleep, so I went out to Macdonalds a five-minute walk away. Several people were also sitting inside staring at the rain.

By the time I had breakfast and idled, it was 9.30. I decided to wander around Ijiri, which is a ward outside of main Fukuoka. It’s a quiet place, not too busy outside rush hour. Everything was closed because of the time, but I kept wandering until the shops began to open.

I went to Daiso and the bakery. Then came back to the room. I got bored after noon had passed, so I decided to go out and get a haircut (I had been badly needing one for a while). The first one I went to did not have space until 2 hours later, so I kept walking around. Eventually I found one on the second floor of a building. The place had a very earthy feel. I don’t think young people would go to this place. But they had an empty slot and started working on me. The hairstylist was a young guy and he was very nice. My Japanese was sooo bad but he kept the conversation going. He cut my hair reallly short but he understood what I wanted- something to suit the Fukuoka humidity while keeping the asymmetry in the front. Also, a hair color that was light but natural. Well, the service wasn’t as good as the one in Harajuku, but the people were very pleasant and results quite nice!

I don’t remember what I did after that. But I ate the 2 buns I bought from the bakery for lunch and dinner.

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