Holy Crap Weekend….

The Internet at the dorm had been declining in health since Friday… and then it just died until tonight when it was restored again… All of us living at the dorm were going crazy from lack of it…

But anyway! Where to begin! I had a really fun weekend! It was the first time in my life I ever got completely plastered (at 23, I’m quite a latebloomer, huh)!

On Saturday morning, N and I went to go shopping at Tenjin Core. Before that we had a nice western breakfast at a cafe in Shintenchou market. I bought 2 one-pieces (from Cecil McBee), 1 skirt, 1 top set, and a pair of boots. I also was tempted to buy a check scarf but it was a bit too expensive for a piece of cloth (1000 yen). I got a stamp card from Cecil McBee… if I collect enough stamps, then I will be able to join their real club… what a ripoff!!! Anyway, it was really fun since I never bought anything the past two times I’ve been tehre! And I’m so proud of my boots… my mom always told me I would never find good shoes in Japan but I am only a size medium here! And the boots are very comfortable, more comfortable than my current ankle boots!

In the evening we met up with a few other students to go to the Halloween party. We ended up at a karaoke party place. It was kind of weird and uncomfortable at first… there was this crazy Japanese staff guy in costume… he was freaky… he was in some sort of rocker makeup… and kept laughing and talking to himself and playing with his fake guitar… I think all people there were kind of scared… Anyway, one by one, other people started to trickle into the karaoke party room. There were several Japanese people, who are apparently part of some cultural exchange club. Also some foreigners… no idea where they come from. I did talk to one Londoner though, and he is a JET teacher (who used to be an electrical engineer as well!!!)

As people started drinking it got a lot less rigid! The Japanese people certainly loosened up. When I sang Moriyama Naotarou’s ‘Sakura’ for karaoke, all the Japanese seemed very happy and sang along. They complimented me on my singing (quite unwarranted but it felt very nice hearing it from the karaoke masters). My American classmate urged me to sing Phantom… but I couldn’t get the last note.. :(

So I think I drank about 4-5 beers there and a cocktail. I also met a very nice girl who told me she wanted to study in Canada next year. She was debating between Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.. so we’ll see if we keep in touch!

Two hours later, we went to a bar (the crazy one I know now is called Mocha Java) and I drank some tequila shots there… I started talking to a French girl who also goes to our school. She apparently worked/modeled at Maxicimam for a year in Tokyo!! That’s so awesome… They literally just handed her the job… I’m so jealous :P

Then we went to a club called Fubar, one of the more popular ones among foreigners. I drank two more drinks.. including one called Kamikaze… Let’s say I remember dancing and then my memory got totally wiped out. I was puking and passed out shortly after… YEP! TERRIFIC! But I’m so grateful because a lot of people took care of me (especially G2 and N… I don’t know how they are not mad at me… they carried me home and took me to my room somehow). As far as I remember though… the night was really fun hahahahaa… and they say I’m a really happy drunk :D I just remember dancing and then waking up in my room.
On Sunday I felt.. super tired… but I promised to go meet the guy I met from Mixi last week, so I somehow dragged myself out of bed to meet at Tenjin in the early evening. I told him that I was still a bit drunk (he’s like ヤバい!! hahaa). We took a short bus ride to a motsu-nabe restaurant. It was a reallllyyyy nice place! We got a tatami floor room and I got to try liver sashimi (it’s better raw than cooked!) and the motsu-nabe (which is pig intestines with other vegetables and stuff). It’s really good and really filling… it’s a Fukuoka specialty as well. The guy wouldn’t let me pay half though… also when the bill arrived there was a origami heart with 10 yen inside, which was what he allowed me to pay for lunch last week ( he has skills… all guys reading this… take note! hahahaha!)

We then took a bus to Fukuoka Tower, which I wanted to go to (do all cities have a Tower?!). It is the second largest tower in Japan, after Tokyo Tower. It is really beautiful at night. It is also a popular place to get married. After looking around the cityscape, we went to the cafe downstairs a bit. Then we went to Momoji beach (finally!! I visited!) a bit. There were still people lying around the area. Then we went back to Tenjin and he took me to a fancy lounge. He kept joking and mentioning alcohol (I groaned at every mention) but he asked the waiter to make me a cocktail without alcohol and recommended the cheesecake to me (sooo… goood….).

So, I had a really good time Sunday^^

On Monday, as it was national holiday (Cultural Day), there was no school. I felt super tired. I had lunch with N and then shut myself in the dorm. I managed to study a bit, which was easier with the Internet not working. I went through a sample listening test…Did better than expected but I need to improve it much more… because I foresee vocabulary and reading definitely pulling me down…

Today, Tuesday, was a normal day. P and I have graduated to Grammar/Conversation 5 so we received new textbooks, which are quite nice. For dinner, A, N, H (new guy from Holland), and I went to eat omelette rice! And now… I am supposed to study but my Internet is finally back and I’m looking at the election….

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  1. G2 Says:

    Well, this IS G2… and I’ve got officially permisson to fill the gaps, cos Ms. Drink-till-I’m-filled doesn’t remember most of the stuff.

    Actually, I write this comment, cos my T-Shirt, my Shirt and me got disappointed that we were not honoured enough.

    After Ms. was dancing like mad, she was flying into my arms - bit like “big brother, help me!”. After few minutes limping around (I don’t want to call that dancing anymore), she was completly gone - lying in my arms. N and I then decided to take her out to fresh air. Me, carrying her around, apologizing to people staring at us. Then outside, sitting onto the stairs, she on my lap.

    Lots of other students came looking (which I actually found rather annoying - except two (American and Jap-Cult-Teach) who were really helping). Said to Am: “Hope she doesn’t puke!” He: “Well, I think you cannot see, but your left arm and back is full of it…!” She’s a very quiet puker…

    Ok, whatever, I thought… She did it twice or three times again… my shirts were actually already gone. Then I got the fabolous idea that she might catch a cold, cos she only wore her new purple shirt. Great idea! Two minutes after putting it on, she puked in it. I bought this one last week. However, she washed it already on Sunday. (Today she told me, that she knows a German swear word which I used - one of the few things she remembers).

    Finally came to the conclusion that this is not going to get better. So called for N, who went back dancing. Asked for N’s shirt, cos he got a T-Shirt underneath. I couldn’t go in my stuff - looking like Mr. Wagamama. Put it on and we took her down via elevator. From all this shaking and waving, she woke up a bit, silent blurp, and N’s shirt was gone as well!

    Luckily, the Cabdriver was very nice, and even more luckily, she slept… didn’t vomit anymore. We had do carry her from the trainstation to her dorm, which where s.th. like 500 m. It looked a bit like carrying a corpse around. Puke No. seven got in front of the drinksvendor-machine. This one was rather healthy actually, cos she woke up a bit, kneeling down, bubbled s.th. like “Sorry, sorry, sorry, guys…” while me being behind her and lift up her chin - if I didn’t, we had had to shower her, cos she almost hit her knees…

    Men are not allowed at her dormfloor… we didn’t care, got her in the elevator, her floor, her room. Put the dirty clothes out (nice body… ;-) sorry for the chauvi-comment - payback for my shirt??), laid her down in bra and slip (saw and touched her already anyway, cos if not, I couldn’t have carried her), and put the sheets on her… she looked actually really nice!

    N and I decided then to stay, cos she was really done, and everybody knows that threwing-up-people sometimes don’t open their mouth, and sufficate. So we assumed it safer to stay. N got to the next conbini to get some beer, and we stayed there, talking and having beer. She woke up at some point: “Need to pee…. and why am I naked??” “Well, wanna sleep in puked-all-over-the-place-clothes…?” I think, s.th. around seven N and I fell asleep… at 11.30, I got home, in N’s clothes, sneeking out her dorm.

    Today I got to note that my shirt was put into a plastic bag and been given to N when we left FuBar. He thought it’s litter, the dirty wiping towels, and threw it away…

    So my shirts and I wann be honoured…. And I payed 3500 Yen (women are cheaper) for nomihoudai at FuBar, and had two Corona and a beer - until she flew through the dancefloor… bad bargain!

    And this night was so terribly crazy, that I cannot be angry. And secondly she’s the kind of people I really feel absolutely fine taking care for, cos this can happen to anyone - or anyone is/will be someday in the same agony. Other get/want that every week, and again others, as I said, just went staring… don’t like that very much… help, or get lost!

    So don’t worry, babe!

  2. talonne Says:

    Haha… Sounds like quite the adventure! I, at 25, have still never been plastered yet, but I don’t think I want to be!

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