Internet Works Again…

Internet was down again this week… arrgghh!!!

It’s been nearly a week since I posted!

I think I’ve forgotten a lot of what’s happened…

Nov 5 (Wednesday) - I went climbing with N and G4. G4 is not new but I do not remember naming him. He is actually one of the guys I had lunch with the first day I arrived at school. He is 16 years old and all Japanese teens fall on their knees for him hahaha) I passed all the level 1 climbs (light blue?) and reached the middle of next level (dark blue). The guys at the climbing center are really nice people and showed me around and explained stuff to me. It’s all bouldering so there is no belaying involved (yay!). It was a bit expensive though… around 1500 yen for a member’s fee, 1300 for each time you come, and 500 yen for rental shoes. 500 yen to go to and from the subway to Tenjin.

Nov 6 (Thurs) - Went to the gym with N. We ate Indian food at Sagar afterwards.

Nov 7 (Fri) - We had a school party held at GenkiJacs. It was quite fun! At first I didn’t talk to anyone and just sat in the corner because all the chairs were already taken but it easier as the party went on. Most of us headed off to Fubar afterwards.  This week I was wiser and didn’t get wasted :D A lot of funny things happened though… like… a deal was made that a male classmate kissed another male classmate… in turn I french-kissed a female friend… I think to all people who were there at the time… it was the funniest/most disturbing thing we ever saw (the male-kissing… because the kisser is an interesting character…) There was 3-way kissing (don’t recommend it.. it’s not practical), I think I promised someone I would get a tattoo with them in Tokyo… drunken ambling to McDonalds at 4 am and sitting in the rain waiting for the train to start at 5 am. So I got to do things I would never dare to back home. It’s so fun though… it makes me wonder how much I missed out when I was still a teenager… The American guy in my class says he has corrupted me hahaha… it’s kind of true XD

I forgot to mention that in ampm they are selling soy-based diet cookies. You’re supposed to eat a pack (150kcals per pack) as a meal replacement. They are rock-hard and not tasty and EXPENSIVE!!! One pack is 680 yen and you get 7 small hard round cookies in the pack. It does fill you up more than Calorie Mate but I don’t know who would spend the money on that!!!
Nov 8 (Sat) - Spent most of the day in bed. Took a mock test (2006). Got better than I expected because I practically flunked 2007!! Makes me worried…

Nov 9 (Sun) - Went wall-climbing with N, G4 and other Canadian. I only succeeded in 3 more walls. I’m stuck on dark-blue 8. GAHHH!! We went to Mandarake. Bought 2 Noano Bohra manga. Went to Mos Burger to have a coffee and then went home. I watched 2046 in boredom because the internet was down at the dorm again. Then N invited me to watch Flesh Gordon in his room (70’s porno parody of Flash Gordon).. oh my god it was funny!!!

Nov 10 - Monday - I think the whole school knows what happened on Friday night now hahaha. It’s amazing how rumor flies. After school, American guy, A, and D (fairly new Dutch guy who I was kissing) attempted to go to Zaekar, an Indian restaurant, but it was closed, so we ended up in Sagar (again). But any Indian food is good food so I enjoyed dinner!! We went to Starbucks afterwards (somehow stayed until 11 talking about random stuff) and then went back to the dorm… whereupon we discovered the Internet works!!! YAYS

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