A Week Past Again!

I’m really getting bad at updating!!! Let’s begin from Tuesday…

Tuesday: Had nothing special to do after class. Went with H and G4 to eat McDonalds (ohhhh the friesssss) and then went to Starbucks with H after. H taught me some Dutch but their ‘g’s are too hard for me :/ It was pretty late by the time we got back to the dorm but I attempted to study anyways.. and failed.
Wednesday: Couldn’t take it anymore! For breakfast I ran to the western cafe next to the school. I ordered a breakfast set that includes a boiled egg, salad, hot soup, thick toast, yogurt, and drink for 600 yen. It felt soooo good. I went to the gym after class. Then met up with some students again to go to the Izakaya right beside the school called TenTen. The inside is really nice (actually, to get in the building you need to cross a small drawbridge) with lots of rocks and water. The food was good enough, but most people had a cold (that they blame me for) so it wasn’t so loud and crazy as usual.  I was on the Internet until 3 and had to wake up at 6.30 (for laundry) so I was soooo tired..
Today: Was totally dead at school. All the teachers kept asking if I was okay and I would just stare at them blankly and say ‘daijoubu’. Hahaha. And to think at work I’m 100x worse! But I drank a huge cup of coffee near the end of the day and it got better. N and I left school at around 5 to get some dinner. We were walking in the basement of Tenjin Core and deciding whether to go back near the school to the cash machines (N ran out) but we reached a steak restaurant and N said with serious finality, “we’re eating here.” So we ate steak for dinner.. well.. as steaky as it can get here… it was 1000yen for a few slices of meat, two very thin slices of potatoe, with some carrots and onions. Agghh I want Alberta beef!!! After that we went to eat ice cream, which was quite satisfying! But very expensive… a parfait was nearly 700yen :(

We went home after that and decided to study in the cafeteria. It was super noisy with people eating dinner but Utaban was playing!! So I did some of my mock exam… but then got distracted with a phone call.. Then we went for a snack run at the conbini… yeah.. not sure that this test will get done soon…

Man… all I talk about is food :P

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  1. G2 Says:

    Pretty sure you’ll make it! :-)

  2. G2 Says:

    I mean your real JLPT 2-exam in Dec., not the mock one - but this as well! Hardly seen anybody studying that hard…

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