Friday Nov 14 - went out to karaoke (same place as we went to on halloween) with the school. It was fun!! I tried to sing ‘con te partito’ and failed badly on the verses. Don’t think I can practice in my thin-walled dormitory so.. well.. maybe I can sing it again someday.. haha… The best/worst song sung over the course of the evening was the last one, Lordi’s rock hallelujah or whatever it’s called.. After the 2.5 hour dinner/karaoke, we walked into a guy advertising his club so we all followed him to Haze, which is fairly new and that night was free for foreigners. It was totally empty but the place was set up reallly nice.. and the dance floor had all these nice lights/lasers/smoke machines. So it was a shame there weren’t more people there (we were there very early though). I think I’ve lost all my shyness in dancing by now haha because it was just me and two or three other people dancing on the stage for a while. I also got a really nice dessert toast there! After a few hours, we headed to Fubar (well, more than half the group left for home at this point, due to sickness or curfew). Nothing too exciting happened at Fubar… it was quite dead, actually, but I ended up leaving at 5am.

Sat, Nov 15- Planned to meet at 2.30 for Mixi guy friend. It was raining all day :( We went to check out a cafe that my hairstylist recommended, called Cafe Teco. We walked for maybe 15 minutes and finally he spotted it… I would have never.. it’s on a small street and the sign is sooo small. We walked in and the cafe was full of women hahaha! My friend was the only guy there… I had some chai tea and cake. Then we walked to a bookstore/cafe. He helped me with my keigo questions and recommended some books for me. We also looked at some books about Canada and I looked at things to see in Calgary. Wow.. there is nothing hahaha… We stayed there until 7 and then went to eat ramen :D Spent the rest of the evening with H.
Sun, Nov 16-  On Friday night a former student from Denmark, (he can be D!) invited me to go on a drive with him on Sunday. Five of us assembled at noon and we drove off to Itoshima Beach about 45 minutes away from downtown Fukuoka. The weather was still crappy but by the time we arrived to the beach it wasn’t raining. We ate lunch there and walked along the beach to take pictures. They have a shrine on an island several hundred meters from the shore and a torii right on the beach to frame it. It looked really nice! We then drove back and I had coffee with D and his Japanese friend before I left to go home. I really enjoyed the drive….first time for me in a Japanese car aside from a taxi! Ate dinner with H at the dorm and we attempted to study later that night.

Mon, Nov 17 - Tommy has arrived to Fukuoka!!!! We met up in Tenjin. Ate ramen with a bunch of guys from school and then went to ice cream place. Looked around a bit in the Imus building, including pets and musical scores. Then we attempted to go to Three Kings pub but it was closed so we ended up going to Broadway… my first time there but it was a pretty cozy place. It felt so natural to see Tommy there haha.. it’s like he was always just a few minutes away from Fukuoka, not like we’re meeting across the world!! Anyway, at Broadway, we met one of the new students’ room sharemate, and he revealed he used to be a host! My first time meeting one :o He was showing us magic tricks and all this stuff, no doubt remnants of his past? Hah hah hah… I hope Tom wasn’t too embarrassed/weirded out by everyone.. :O

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