The Days Pass..

Tues, Nov 18 - Met up with Tommy, Canadian guy, and H to eat dinner at a Mexican restuarant. Before that, Tommy, H, and I went to wander around Tenjin Core because no one was really hungry yet. The Mexican restaurant was located near school, and delicious, but the servings were really small for the price, I thought. 2 small enchiladas were 700 yen! (without anything) :(

Weds, Nov 19 - The school had an outing for Ethiopian dinner. I didn’t really like Ethiopian when I tried it in Calgary, but this restaurant was much more delicious. I ate a lot… (other people couldn’t finish their servings so I was stuffing a lot of bread in my mouth). All the teachers seem to think Tom and I are a couple XD And one of them thinks Tom looks like a celebrity (but she still cannot think up of which one). It was his last night in Fukuoka, which was a big shame because we didn’t karaoke together and the weather really sucked the past few days. It was cold and wet most of the time. :(

Thurs, Nov 20 - Skipped morning classes because of… stuff the previous night. Went to Indian food with American classmate, a teacher, and H at a place called Zaeka. I honestly didn’t like it that much, but that really doesn’t matter when it comes to Indian food… I’ll eat it all regardless!!

Fri, Nov 21 - In class earlier that morning, P asked me to sing.  The day before, I started singing Phantom in the lounge at the insistence of my A. classmate and all the teachers were hiding in the corridor listening… HOW EMBARRASSING >_< I really didn't want to, but then A classmate promised me FOOD if I sang so I thought, what the heck, and warbled out a line. So after class, he came back with a box of really yummy cake (this lemon tart was sooo good) and mochi. Yayyy!!! Later that night, there was also a GenjiJACs party, and I requested taiyaki. The party was pretty tame, because most people were tired or still semi-sick, I think... A. classmate told me he couldn't get taiyaki because there wasn't any... but then, the sharemate of a student came and brought in a box!!! I was so happy :D

Afterwards, everyone went to Fubar... I was really not in the mood... so I went to Starbucks with H and went home with him early.

Sat Nov 22 - Woke up really late... had breakfast/lunch at cheap udon place with H at 1pm. Afterwards, met up with Japanese mixi guy friend. We went to Dazaifu, which I was really happy about, because everyone seems to have gone except me so far. It is about a half-hour train ride from Ijiri station. The train was super-crowded, and most people were heading to the Dazaifu temple also. The afternoon was nice, with the sun shining between clouds.

The path leading to the temple was really lively, with street vendors selling mochi cakes and temple-related goods. The atmosphere was really nice, and it was almost like walking in the local markets in China.

The temple was bustling with people, but I was able to get to pray to Tenjin-sama, the god of scholars/studying, and read my fortune (which wasn't that great). My friend bought me a good luck charm to study, which was so nice of him (though will it work? studying to me, is someone's own mental state that no one else but them can control.. but.. hopefully!)

We then went to the Kyushuu National Museum a few minutes walk from the temple. Since a few months ago, they have been holding an exhibition on Tenjin-sama, who was a real person named Sugawara no Michizana in the 9th century. We were able to see many of his writings, as well as multiple painted manuscripts of his life. It was really interesting, and amazing how preserved these texts are - the colors of the paintings are nearly perfect. We came to see this exhibit during it’s second-last week… so we missed the past 8 episodes of Sugawara’s life… apparently there are so many artifacts they have to rotate from week to week.

Afterward we went to visit a nearby temple and see the color of changing leaves (kouyou happens very late in Kyushuu, as it is the end of November already). Then we ate hot cake with macha at a nearby shop. We went back at around 5.30 because everything was closing down. He suggested a place in Yakuin station to go to, an Italian restaurant.

It was soooo yummy!! It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere but… soo good. Appetizer: spicy fried shrimp, peppers/olives, bean salad, dipped bread. Then tossed salad. Then seafood baked in cheese and garlic (scallop, mushrooms, fish, etc). Then sea urchin cream pasta with garlic bread. Then roast chicken with peppers/mustard. Then dessert: white chocolate tiramisu/ italian cheese dessert/fruit and sherbert. It was 3300 yen though… but worth the fancy dinner. There were only two cooks working, and as we sat by the counter, I could see them working nonstop as they made everyone’s meals in short order. I’m so grateful to know someone who knows all the really, really good restaurants in Fukuoka…

Sun, Nov 23 - Met up with H at noon today. I brought him to Fukoka Tower because he wanted to see the sea, and I wanted to see the view in the daytime. Somehow, we managed to get there by bus without any trouble. The afternoon was quite warm. We had lunch by the seaside at an Italian cafe. There, we accidentaly met up with a student (Scottish, and pretty new to the school) and a teacher, who were also sightseeing that day. I didn’t mind going up to the tower again, because the view was worth it. Also, when I was taking a picture, an older man tapped me on the shoulder and insisted on taking me and H’s picture together. I must’ve been looking flushed because he gave me a light slap and said ‘don’t be shy! hahaha!’ and then when he took our picture he shook our hands and said ‘i pray for you two’s happiness!!!!’ hahaha! I think he was joking the whole time and probably laughing at us, but the whole situation was quite funny in itself :)

We went back to Tenjin and wandered around the InCube store in Solaria Plaza a while. I’m sorely tempted to buy a keychain with the Ijiri station sign on it… or buy the Nimoca Nishitetsu mascot, a happy little mongoose. Maybe before I leave?

Went to dinner at Canal City, at the same Japanese restaurant I went to before I watched the Lion King. Their steak was sold out … but the teriyaki chicken was just as good, I guess!

So I guess the big news is that I went to a love hotel for the first time this weekend.

It was.. entirely too expensive… and altogether weird.

The reception was asking for point card… and I was thinking ‘point card??!!!’

What else was weird? They lock you in the room until you pay money through those air tube things!! There was a slot machine in the middle of the room (wtf!) There are over 300 channels of music to choose from! You can rent DVDs like Lord of the Rings! Ummm if it weren’t so expensive I would’ve explored a bit longer.. :P

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  1. Tommy Says:

    Yeah to bad we didn’t go for karaoke… but I did manage to go twice in tokyo ^_^ Yeah I don’t think I can go back to sole or nanta again :/

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