Second last week

I can’t believe how quickly time passes. In one week I’ll have the test and the day after I leave Fukuoka. It’s been hurting inside me since a month ago, the feeling of breaking away from excitement and happiness and back into the mundane. I wonder how I’ll handle the transition…

Mon Nov 24 - I met up with Danish guy today for lunch. We didn’t know where to go at first so we wandered around Daimyo and entered a random building. We chose a really nice cafe located at the top floor. We sat on sofas by the window and he talked about his life and goals… which is so interesting because he is quite younger than me but already has things figured out. So he gave me some advice and seemed pretty excited that maybe we could collaborate together someday (he is in the media industry). After that we met up with N and hung around a bit. It was really rainy and wet and I was a bit tired so I went home in the late afternoon. Later in the evening, I got a phone call. So… apparently something we ate made H sick and he had to go to the hospital for food poisoning :o I actually felt fine… so I am suspecting it was the chicken nuggets he ate at McDonalds… :P

Tues, Nov 25 - After school I hung out with H a bit, who wasn’t in top shape but still insisted on eating McDonalds again… hahaha… but he had to go home because his host family was worried about him.  I went to eat dinner with a Japanese girl I met during my clubbing adventures. She is quite infatuated with Danish guy, and she used to live and work in Alberta, so I guess that’s our connection XD She’s really friendly and knows quite a lot of students in the school. We went to a really nice place in Tenjin called Tattoo. We didn’t order that much food, but I got some sort of caramel almond ice cream for dessert and oh my god.. that was soo good. There were lots of crispy sweet things inside it, and lots of caramel.. mmm… We did lots of girl talk mostly in Japanese, which was fun!! :D

Weds, Nov 26 - My American classmate, Danish guy, and German teen spent their last day in Fukuoka today, going to Tokyo for the next month. Well, all of them are returning to Fukuoka one date or another but they had a goodbye dinner. We went to Nanuk, because my classmate knew how much I am obsessed with Indian… Quite a lot of us went, and I ate so much.. hahaha.. ordered extra naan.. but it was a really nice time… I will hopefully meet up with those guys when I go to Tokyo!!

Thurs, Nov 27 - Umm… what did I do… I don’t remember! I think I went to eat omuraisu with H and then Starbucks afterwards. So… it was sort of a date? :D You know, I notice then whenever I speak English, the tables next to me automatically start talking about America or English or something to do with gaijin or foreign countries. It is natural for us to pick up conversations from surrounding tables and proceed on with that as a new topic. I do that all the time in Canada. But it’s especially noticeable in another country, because suddenly you hear words like 外人 and アメリカ drifting through the flow of Japanese conversation.

Downtown has been nearly complete as far as Christmas decorations go. During the past few weeks, actually, right after Halloween, I noticed at first, small pieces of lights being set up. Then day by day, more and more lights and decorations get put on. By now, most of downtown lights up in many colors at night. It’s a really pretty sight! They must spend so much on electricity… Calgary maybe has 20% the amount of Christmas lights in downtown as compared to here.
Fri, Nov 28-  We went for yakiniku/shabushabu today for a school event. By 6, it had begun to rain horrendously.. it was literally ザーザー雨. All our coats got drenched, even with umbrellas. The meal was alright, not terrific, but it was all-you-can-eat so I got pretty full. Well, I was handling the grill most of the time so I didn’t stuff myself as I would usually (which is a good thing). Afterwards we split up into half, one group went to bowling and the rest of us went to karaoke. We couldn’t stay there very long (2 hours) but I got to sing Within Temptation so it was YAY :D Afterwards everyone started to get grumpy (I blame the stupid weather). We went to Small Spaces but because of some group tension people kept splitting up… some of us went to Haze dance club after… but there were no people so it sort of sucked so we left… then by the time we got to Fubar I was also getting tired of it (there were only 5 of us) so I wanted to leave. Everyone else left but H and I opted to not spend a lot of money on taxi and go to an internet cafe instead.

I haven’t gone to an internet cafe during this trip yet. We stumbled into the Media Cafe Popeye in Tenjin at 2.30 in the morning. Surprisingly I could handle all the Japanese in my state. We got a private pair room for 5 hours… man… SO SUSPICIOUS!! XD I know people have sex there but it’s like they are made for it… seriously, what else would you do if you could order a private pair room for 5 hours…?? :P Rest assured we didn’t do anything but while H was sleeping and I was still awake I could really hear terrible noises all around me.. I feel sorry for the staff who have to clean everything! I couldn’t fall alseep in there, so I wasted my time there.. like watching Rite of Spring ballet on youtube and reading the news… when I typed, you could hear it clacking loudly across the whole space.. I was the only one using the room for what it was meant for!! :P   Aside from the media stuff, you can also use the suntanning booth (huh..?) and shower rooms for free. And there were drinks for free too (the lattes were nice). They provide towels and toothbrushes too, so I took advantage of that. I was too tired to watch dvds/get comics, but I think it would be nice if you were super bored to spend a day at an internet cafe.

We left at around 7 and I took the train back home. The dorm managers were already taking breakfast meals.. I said ‘ohayo gozaimasu’ and stumbled into bed.

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