First Day of School

Class started at 9.30, when the level check commenced. GenkiJACs is located in Tenjin, the core of Fukuoka city. There is a train going from Ijiri to Fukuoka, which takes 15 minutes. The walk to the school is about 10 minutes form the Tenjin Station. It’s really easy to find.

I took a level check test for the first hour. I ended up in level 4. Which is.. intermediate. The highest is 6, but it’s all using the same textbook, so I don’t really think you can distinguish… There were three others students in my class, but for two of them, this was their last week.

Each class features a different teacher, and apparently the teachers rotate every day, not to mention every week. I have no idea how they do it. But it’s kind of confusing. I had only 4 hours of classes each day.

Which means a lot of free time. The classes are kind of slow too… definitely not the fast pace of the proficiency test I’m looking for…. Yikes… might have to ask about it next week.

After class, which as about 1.30, I tagged along with a classmate and his friend to each lunch. We went to an Indian place, which was pretty good. The butter chicken didn’t really taste like butter chicken though… hahaha… The classmate is from US and the other from Germany. They’ve been here a while so they know how to get around. They showed me how to get my phone card for the cellphone I rented from the school. We then went to the park to drink our smoothies. It was a nice day. Then they went back to the school and I went to the station to get my commuter pass. Going home so early (as opposed to 6.30pm for work) was really shocking…

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