Resuming Class

I’ve come to understand that no one does their “homework”. It’s a bit annoying because we spend many minutes on something that should be understood in 2. But, in general, I find that conversation and grammar classes are definitely NOT test-paced. There is an “extra’ course you can buy weekly, around 2100 yen, for test papers. I may have to do that. But it will cost over 200$ in the end. Which is kind of a ripoff since I signed for the “exam course”. Hmm… I’m really gonna fail >:(

That day, I went to lunch with a British classmate and a student from Australia. We went to try Hakata ramen. Well, people keep telling me the name of that place but I forget. It’s one of the more famous ramen places in the city. The menu is really small but it was very good. The soup is very, very rich. The British student is an engineering student. We discussed how lax the classes are, among other things. It was enjoyable talking to him. We then went to Mr Donut for dessert and then the CD shop.

In the evening, I met up with a guy who I met on Mixi. He is an architecture student who studies English by himself on the side. We met up in Ijiri station. Apparently he lives an hour away!! He was really nice. Though we ended up eating at Macdonalds hahahha. He paid for me meal and acted pretty gentlemenly which was nice of him hahaa. We were able to communicate quite well without too many awkward silences. He said we should go to the beach sometime, which would be nice because I haven’t seen the ocean yet.

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