Ramen 2

After class (which again was slow), I went with the American classmate and his friends to eat at another ramen place. This one was more unique, in that each person gets his own mini-booth. The person orders on a sheet of paper (eg the fat content of soup, the tenderness of meat) and hands it over to window in front of him. The staff takes the order, makes the ramen and then closes the curtain on your booth. You can’t really talk to anyone because it’s all booths, but it’s quite a different experience.

We went to eat cake at the shop next door but no one seemed to enjoy it.

The students went back to school after and I went home.

When I got home, the dorm lady gave me a postcard! It was from the hair salon! The hairstylist wanted to know how I liked my style and if I had any questions and good luck in school. That’s really cute! I have no idea if I should reply or not… Maybe I should ask someone…
I attempted to do laundry this day. I wanted to do it early afternoon so no one could see me screw up. But ‘It will be simple’, I thought.

It took me half an hour to friggen figure out how to start the machine!!!

I still don’t know what went wrong. But the card ate up a weeks worth of laundry money :(

I also left a tissue in one of my pants. BOOOOOO!!!

But at least everything dried fast in the heat. It was all dry by late evening.

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