Weekly Party

Since so many people come and go every week at the language school, it is customary for a small event to be held every week on Friday.

Several people “graduated” this week, including a teacher who was leaving, so there was a staff party along with a student party to be held in the evening.

After class, I went with the British engineering student to eat lunch. We had a traditional Japanese lunch, which was quite nice. I had a nejiri-toro bowl along with soba set. He lost his password the day before, and had to prepare numerous paperwork. He said he was freaking out but I think I would be acting 1000x worse if I were in his situation, since he had to leave the next day. We went to the bank afterwards since he had to send documents to the consulate. I went back to the dorm afterwards. I actually met some people living in the same dorm as me who go to the school. They decided to meet in the lobby and go together back to the school for the party in the evening.

There are four people. One of them is leaving this week, one of the will leave next week. They are both British. There is a Norweigen and a teenager American too. I hung out with them most of the time during the party, along with a really pretty German girl. One of the British students told me about the city gym. I think I will try to go there next week. There is a girl from Tahiti in our school too. She was really nice. People in our school are in 3 categories:

1. People graduated high school, taking a year off

2. People in university, having fun for a year

3. People who quit their jobs, and don’t know what to do

That’s a bit sad, but makes me feel good that I’m not the only one.

After the party (a few sensei’s were drunk), I went with the group to a bar. Honestly, the conversation was quite slow, but I enjoyed being in the company of people!! I was beginning to pick up on the British accent hahaha… I hope they don’t think me as a wannabe hahaha. It just sounds so much better British! XD

We came back home around 12.30.

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